This is the first part in a two part video countdown covering my top 20 favorite songs from the super nintendo. I hope you guys like it! If you do be sure to give me a thumbs up! Also you should sub so you get the next part immediately when it comes out! I've already been working on this project for about 2 weeks, but It was also my birthday and I was sick for a couple days, so I guess REALLY it was only about a week. ANYWAYS, ENJOY! Countdown Tune - Clip from "A Fine Place to Live" - Halc Halc is freaking awesome, if you're into chip tunes, check him out. Intro: Earthbound Red Blue Sanctuary - Binster - OC Remix Special Thanks to Jontron and PeanutButterGamer who answered a lot of my questions, thanks for the help! Go Check them out they are awesome! Assorted Clips Rainbow Road Clip - Damewww Spongebob Squarepants - Imagination Twitter:!/Jeff_like_Feff Facebook: