In this episode I decided to make a new character to play with my friend and teach him how to play. We did a lot of the beginner stuff off screen so I'm essentially at the exact same place I was before. BUT THIS TIME WITH A FRIEND. I think you guys will like this a bit more because there is more going on a lot of the time. We also build this pretty sick house over the course of a few episodes, and the episodes are a lot longer than before. In the future if I have a stable connection i'll probably make random worlds and announce that it will be up, and invite you guys to play with me, and I think that would be a lot of fun. Remember that I usually record A BUNCH of footage at once, in this case a lot more than usual. Probably about 2 Hours or more. So if you leave a comment that is a suggestion, it might not be implemented for the next 3-4 episodes. Generally speaking I think we are doing as much as we can right now anyways, and that is like house building / cave spelunking and surface exploration.