For those of you who don't know, Sopa/Pipa are legislation's that are trying to be passed to protect copyrights and fight piracy, but they are so poorly worded, and give so much power to government and big corporations that they could essentially shut down anything that uses copyrights AKA: in my case Video Game Footage, Images, Video Game Music, Reviews, countdowns, anything that shows copyrighted material.. now they "could" leave it up, but if it shows them in poor light they will take it down, censoring free speech and any opposition to their brand. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. Nobody should hold a monopoly in ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY when money is involved, when you can easily take out the competition and create a great situation for yourself. IF these bills pass, there will be no more youtube, people who make money doing Let's Plays, Video Reviews, Countdowns, Shows ANYTHING like that can be taken down and all of it will disappear FOREVER. Even start up websites / things like facebook / myspace anything where you can share information, videos, could potentially be hindered. DO NOT LET THESE PASS.