Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SpaceHamsterGames Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Jeff_like_Feff ------------------------------------------ Edited By: SpaceHamster ------------------------------------------ Guys I had to reupload this video because youtube took it down because I attempted to monetize it, with permissions given, but they took it down anyways, i'll have to figure out something else for now. But I will not be monetizing this one. I'll upload the next episode as well. Hey guys welcome to my playthrough of Terraria 1.06. I started a brand new map because things have changed yet again (like spawn points, chests and whatnot), and I might have guests on every once in a while, but my progression will be mainly solo. This way I can work on it any time I basically feel like it, w/out having to wait around, or anything like that. Kiet will still be playing along in Adventure Maps/ Our Co-Op Playthrough when we have the time. But we might be moving away from those playthroughs as the worlds are vastly outdated, and the series is sort of dying off. This way I can start a fresh new world, have a fresh new playthrough with good quality. If a video has "blackouts" that is usually due to some bad stuff happening during the upload process or the render process, and it's been happening to me too frequently lately. If you see something like that happening, just leave a comment and the video will probably be privatized, re-rendered / re-uploaded.