It's been a long, long time - so let's rejoice at a brand new Caddy's Retrospective! Looking back, does Sly Raccoon hold any kind of candle to the days when it helped the PS2 dominate console gaming? All that, and more, shall be answered in this video. I hope. And check out Hidden Block for more! = , and if you're interested in supporting my channel even further, then please consider donating to my ImRaising page! = . Don't worry though, nobody's forcing you, and it it's completely your choice! :-D And do you want to see what games I've been buying and playing? What games are in my collection, and are sitting on my shelves right now? What video equipment I use? Well then - go down to to see and possibly buy exactly what I have got! OLLY'S CAMERA WORK! = MY TWITCH CHANNEL! = LIKE! = FOLLOW! = SUBSCRIBE! And remember to stay beautiful. Much loves! DISCLAIMER - I don't own ANYTHING copyrighted from this video. Please support the world's industries and check them all out yourself!