ITUNES: LIVE MUSIC VIDEO: My friend Garrett and I, set out to make an anthem for the latest Smash installment. Support us by downloading this on iTunes and just sharing this video! YUNGTOWN: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: Hidden Block: GARRETT WILLIAMSON Facebook: YouTube: Soundcloud: Song Written/Recorded by: Luke aka Yungtown & Garrett Williamson Mixed/Mastered/Composed by: Garrett Williamson Thanks to everyone who played with me online so I could capture footage! You guys are awesome! Support Me On Patreon (Completely Optional): _________________________________________________________________ Lyrics: VERSE 1: Welcome to a new age a level compelled up into a new craze Unparalleled with a rebellious way to brew games With every all-star ever so cleverly measured with a competitive energy to distribute pain making everything so hype when the fight Rises to another level characters are amplified By the Smash Ball ╨ and if you collect it before I might I’ll turn off every item in light of the salt that I supply Yo who you gonna pick tell me who it is Is it Pit Pacman Palutena, or the Wii Fit Trainer I’ll jump in the mix bait em and wait for a miss Making the mistakes you made recognized so you get acclimated I’m not a representative of a veteran just competitive Credited with an incredible collection of cleverness The game is embedded in the bed of my brain’s skeleton Making it the preference as to where we can settle it CHORUS: You got an issue I know what to do Pick out your fighter I'm gonna knock out you Select the level So we can get into the match I?ve waited for this moment So let’s settle it in smash VERSE 2: I’m honestly steady I’ll walk up on the ledge of the deadliest Situation so calmly this no longer a friendly I’m really lost up in all of this while we’re causing a frenzy That’s evolving try and drop me my body is beyond ready Let’s smash every challenger aboard Travel on the tour imagine what could happen if you mange to endure From the action packed into every match that is performed To the passion that reacts magically from the master core