Hey guys, we're back into Portal 2 and doing some of the late game puzzles. I think these are late game puzzles ... I don't feel like i've been super held up on any of the puzzles so far, but this one and the next video I do have to stop and think. I DID do some edits where I stop the gameplay and think for a few minutes, and then start recording. I just don't think its fun to watch somebody try to work a puzzle out if you've already been watching the puzzle for a while. I usually am just walking back and forth through the puzzle area looking at all available paths to take, and then when I come up with an idea I start recording again. If you don't like it this way, say so in the comments, cause I would really like to know. I personally just don't think that watching somebody who can't figure out a part is fun to watch. I am doing this playthrough blind and with no help, so I will get stuck sometimes.