Lightning Round is back, but things are a little different! I've removed the two minute time limit, and I'm no longer going to be billing the format as "shorter reviews." Sometimes I have video ideas that are too short or too different to call a "brutalmoose Original", and that's where LR will come in. Think of my Kid Pix, Firefighters 2014, and Hot Wheels: Crash! videos and you'll have a loose grasp on where I'm headed with this - just a lot of random ideas that I want to try out. This particular video is a bit closer to my regular format, but I definitely want to try out some pretty dumb ideas as well. These aren't replacing my Originals or Televoid at all, by the way! I just want to get more content out to you guys more often, and this is one of the things I'm testing out. Hope you like the video!