Added by on 2013-03-03

An episode without milk sounds pretty hard to swallow.

  • Andrew Tomms

    look at the easel at 8:07!

  • CoolCatCB

    The Caddy part and undercover Cop Joe was the best parts

  • MozzaFTW

    Great video man, Undercover Cop Joe needs to return at some point.

  • pollosbro

    u remind me of jontron, but u upload often!

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  • RetroCandle

    nice pad of paper you stupid b*tch.

  • lazarus

    I remember Pajama Sam. That was the shit.

  • blind ears

    Caddicarus, that god-damned son-of-a brit.

  • purplopolis

    This REALLY made me want to play Spy Fox. And Pajama Sam… and Putt-Putt…

  • BalrogTheMaster

    The Sunglasses…THE SUNGLASSES.

  • Rated S for Sandwich

    Purple shirt! Absolutely fantastic! Both the video and the shirt. Not so much your British accent, but that’s okay. Caddy will survive.

  • Slovotsky

    Friggin love the Humongous Entertainment games! Moooore! lol

  • DesandJaskickducks

    Ha! Yoko Ono.

  • MleSoup

    I love the Humongous games! They bring back a ton of memories! Great review though, I found myself laughing out loud several times. I’d love to see another one of these! Maybe Putput or Pajama Sam? :)

  • zennyboiz

    Looks like an interesting game. I kind of want to play it now. Seeing Pajama Sam brought back memories of grade school and daycare though.

  • zachmyers1994

    Great episode, Brutalmoose. Very nostalgic for me. :)