Added by on 2013-03-12

It’s painful to play

  • likalaruku

    The uh…music sounds just a wee bit off. ::eyetwitch::

  • Andrew Tomss

    your comment was the beginning of an avalanche of terrible grammar

  • pikasutdalt

    I have this too. After many, many, MANY failed attempts… I finally got past Marble Zone on this terrible port. It’s sadly true that I actually tried to beat the zone and did eventually.

  • mightykiko

    ROFL XD That was a hilarious ending.

  • D.Troy

    Effective. that part at the sums it up perfectly. “Sonic Genesis, it makes you cry bloody tears”

  • MleSoup

    That was great! People have beat this game to death so when I first saw this I was wondering what you were going to bring to the table. You didn’t even have to say a word and you still got the message across. It was just awesome! :)

  • Zaplook

    Was this truelly the start of the avelach of horrible sonic games?