Added by on 2013-07-28

So, how does the HD re-sculpture of Stranger’s Wrath hold up? Let’s see.

Oh, and credit for the footage goes to Torgo100, The Gray Fox and TheRealGiantBomb.

  • Nickass

    I always wanted this game but my PC in crappy.

    • Nickass

      And I can’t find a console copy.

  • Mr.Sky

    Ahh i remember the oddsworld franchise…..used to scare the sh*t outa me when i was young xD

  • CartridgeBros

    This is a series I’ve never really tried out before. Thanks to your review and finding out that it is available for the Vita I’ll be looking to download this soon. Great show!

  • JordanIrvin

    You’re videos are awesome! Please make a whole lot more, like LOTS more.