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We all suck. Luckily, video games help us feel better. And these beautiful creatures really contribute to that. Oh, and a verrrrrry special friend pops up in here somewhere….

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  • WLFX

    Caddi u knew youtube was gonna end right? That is why u change right or wrong?

  • Weirdguy13

    Ezio Auditore is my favorite badass

  • maggie478

    Awesome video

  • callum2k12


  • ArcusIgnium

    I Love Sly Cooper

  • Escape

    Did you just say Nightmare Creatures? Subscribed.

  • The8-bitBoy

    I will go to your house and make fun of you

  • sahil

    where is issac clark

    • Caddicarus

      he was a bit boring, in my opinion. He was cool until he opened his mouth.

  • Dann

    When BrutalMoose is talking on webcam in the middle of the video, he looks suspiciously similar to the overly attached girlfriend meme chick.

    • Xatharos

      Holy shit, you’re actually right. xD
      And by watching Brutalmoose’s Hidden Block annoucement video, I think that there is something going on between him and Caddi. ^^

  • Vunderbahr

    This is the sexiest, sex video ever.

  • cooliodaniel

    Nice caddie! i had a great laugh watching this! :D

  • AriaOfTheDead

    Awh NormalBoots had a child. And another awesome video from Caddicarus.