Added by on 2013-08-09

Today I talk about MEGA EVOLUTIONS, some new Pokemon and Super Training!

  • NPC

    Apparently now there are three types of female trainer so far. One with the usual blonde hair, one with red, and one which is more reminiscent to a middle-eastern/southern asian female, like Iris.

  • WolfWarrior345

    I really want to see Charizard and Feraligator having mega forms.

  • clone799

    Am I the only one who really liked Mawile from the start? Personally, it’s my favourite and I’m glad they gave it a Mega-Evolution and made it part of the Fairy-type craze. As for Pokémon I want to get a Mega-Evolution, I’m putting my votes to Zoroark, Seviper and Zangoose.