Added by on 2013-02-18

Jimmy gives a list of things he hopes to see in Pokemon X and Y

  • Jet_The_Hawk32

    I want squirtle squad glasses!

  • Firestar4342

    Animal Crossing, Mario and Luigi, Luigis Mansion 2, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon X/Y, and way more coming out for the 3Ds this year!

  • Dragonsong

    I’m so glad I have a 3DS now!

  • JoeyKastelic

    Everyone now has a reason to buy a 3DS.

  • Bopnan

    I have so many hopes for this game. If I manage to get a job this year, I’d like save money to buy a 3DS for it. But, I’ll follow TotalBiscuit’s advice and I’ll wait until the game is released to take my decision.