Added by on 2013-03-27

All six of the Hidden Block crew make an appearance on this Minecraft stream! Though Jimmy doesn’t actually play the game.
Originally recorded on March 24, 2013.

  • asleepwalkingnation

    I totally love how gangster Yungtown talks.

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  • Fun377

    What site does Hidden Block stream on? I need to know this.

    • 8-bit Marty

      Twitch or google hang outs

  • stinkyshrooms

    B Rog was cracking me up. I’m glad you guys posted this because I was out of town when you guys were streaming. Hope you keep doing these types of things!

  • DesandJaskickducks

    Hey fellow HiddenBlock fans. What exactly is stopping us from creating several Minecraft (or other) servers and only allowing the fanbase? Like. Seriously. It’d be tits.

  • zennyboiz

    Oh the good times had here.

  • someone

    seems legit

  • DesandJaskickducks

    B-rog is quite the troll…