Added by on 2013-03-06

Check out the improv skills of Caddicarus! Here are all the takes he did for his cameo in my Spy Fox episode.

You can see out the full episode here!

  • Shark Atteck

    ‘Murica! Land of the free! Free to the power of the people in the uniform! *Random song reference FTW*

  • The ShonenJump121

    Caddys..Skills Lol

  • MagicMaster667

    Why don’t you post this to YouTube!? This is gold!!

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  • SpeedsterGaming

    The Jason Statham one was da best!

  • Badman Reviews

    Ahhh caddy my love for you goes across the sea…. Literally.

  • Lavendertownsyndrome

    By the end I really felt like Caddy was invading my personal space.

  • kragor123

    This is great!

  • tsgutbbt

    Really, who buys a cell phone at the candy store?

    • Zeref


      • Johnny


  • zachmyers1994


  • ninjakokies

    This is so great!

  • SpaceHamster

    haha, that was perfect.

  • Mr. Mario

    this is the sort of thing that should be on this webite

  • DesandJaskickducks

    Whoa. Extreme close up of Caddy’s mouth.