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Collaboration Training Video – Dem Games

Added by 2 weeks ago

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Check out Todd's Channel: Video Game Reviewer Collaboration Training Video Don't expect anymore of these until I get enough $ for a new computer. My little macbook pr...

Ft. Caddicarus – Quick Tracks

Added by 1 month ago

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Caddy's first time rapping and he's already radio ready. Friggin whoa man! Quick Tracks are going to be songs featuring YouTubers of all shapes and sizes, uploaded in between major videos. Pretty awesome in between s...

Top 5 Video Games With Santa – Dem Games

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Oh no - this isn't Top 5 Games with Santa in them, this is like Santa's Top 5 Games. Inspiring isn't it? Facebook: Twitch: Hidden Block: http://hidd...

Settle It In Smash (Original Rap) – Dem Games

Added by 3 months ago

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ITUNES: My friend Garrett and I, set out to make an anthem for the latest Smash installment. Support us by downloading this on iTunes and just sharing this video! YUNG...

Top 10 Relaxing Songs In Video Games – Dem Games

Added by 3 months ago

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Another fun list where I gush about more music I love and why I love them so much! This is essentially Part 2 of my "Captivating Songs" list. I need to play more games. Facebook: ...

Super Smash Bros. Melee Rap – Dem Games

Added by 4 months ago

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Super Smash Academy: Twitter: Facebook: Facebook: Twitch: ...

Super Smash Bros. – Draw That

Added by 5 months ago

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Learn how to draw you're favorite Smash Bros. Characters! Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Hidden Block: http://hiddenbl...

Donkey Konga Documentary – Dem Games

Added by 6 months ago

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The newest Donkeymentary to date. Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Hidden Block: Support Me O...

Fallout New Vegas: Untold Story – Dem Games

Added by 6 months ago

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Let's put the "role-play" back into RPG! "The Beat Demon": (It's such a good album!) Twitter: Facebook: https://www....

Yungtown Trolls SGC 2014

Added by 7 months ago

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I miss everyone so much already. *sigh* Amazing Art By: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch:

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