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Super Smash Bros. Melee Rap – Dem Games

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Super Smash Academy: Twitter: Facebook: Facebook: Twitch: ...

Super Smash Bros. – Draw That

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Learn how to draw you're favorite Smash Bros. Characters! Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Hidden Block: http://hiddenbl...

Donkey Konga Documentary – Dem Games

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The newest Donkeymentary to date. Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Hidden Block: Support Me O...

Fallout New Vegas: Untold Story – Dem Games

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Let's put the "role-play" back into RPG! "The Beat Demon": (It's such a good album!) Twitter: Facebook: https://www....

Yungtown Trolls SGC 2014

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I miss everyone so much already. *sigh* Amazing Art By: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch:

Skyward Sword: Link and Zelda’s Awakening – Dem Games

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I want to dedicate this video to everyone who took time out to call out the potential in me. Especially my family. I never understood why I resonated so much with this series until this game... Also a big thanks to my...

Top 10 Christmas Dunks In Video Games – Dem Games

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Do you want to go and slam jam? Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Hidden Block: MUSIC: The Sy...

GTA 5: Million Dollar Bounties – Dem Games

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This video is inspired by actual events. Take some time out and check out all the guys who made this video possible! TODD: DION: AUSTIN &...

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Board – Dem Games

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The Legend of Zelda meets the world of Skate 3. This story is canon. Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Hidden Block: htt...

Unused Footage & Mistakes – Top 5 Video Game Reviewer Tropes

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Life baby. Life.

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