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Treasure Mountain Outtakes – SpaceHamster

Added by 1 month ago

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Put together some Outtakes for you guys! Enjoy!...

Treasure Mountain – SpaceHamster

Added by 2 months ago

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I think it's time for a Treasure Hunt!...

Impossible Creatures – Spacehamster

Added by 4 months ago

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Why not come along and mix some animals together with your good pal SH?...

DIVEKICK with Jimmy and Jeff!!

Added by 6 months ago

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Top 10 Secret Santa’s In Video Games! – SpaceHamster

Added by 6 months ago

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Sometimes Santa shows up in video games! Here are some of my favorites!  ...

Jimmy paxchronicles

Added by 8 months ago

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jimmy@pax badvideo...

Populous and God Games – Spacehamster

Added by 8 months ago

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Spacehamster explores a handful of "god games" and stuff. Totally. I know, right?...

Top 10 Dogs in Video Games! -SpaceHamster

Added by 10 months ago

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Well, this took me quite a while! But I THINK it's worth it! So enjoy as I list off my top 10 favorite video game dogs!...

Mr. Do ! – The Arcade Classic(?) – Spacehamster

Added by 11 months ago

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Mr. Do is one of those classic arcade games that you'd end up sinking many quarters into just to make progress. How does it hold up? Watch and find out!...

Top 5 Useless Items in Video Games! – SpaceHamster

Added by 1 year ago

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There's always been useless items in video games, here are some of my favorites!...

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