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The Last Tinker: City of Colors – TINKER TIME!

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Is The Last Tinker REALLY one of the best platformers to grace the modern day, according to Official Playstation Magazine UK? Let's find out.... BECOME MY PATRON! = , and check out...

Vib Ribbon – Caddicarus

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Due to popular request - here's my favourite NanaOn-Sha game - and home to one of the cutest gaming characters ever. BECOME MY PATRON! = , and check out Hidden Block for more! = ht...

The Evil Within – TINKER TIME!

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Hey look - this was supposed to be a quick review. What the heck happened? See more of Lucy's channel right here! BECOME MY PATRON! = http://www.patreon.c...

Resident Evil BILLY – Caddicarus ft. Jordan Underneath

Added by 3 weeks ago

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Jordan and Caddy take a look at a game they wanted to look at. Scary. HAPPY LATE HALLOWEEN! Thanks so much to Isa Ross for her awesome makeup - find more at ! Also, HERE IS JORDA...

Alien: Isolation – Current Quickies

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Is this THE Alien game we've all been waiting for? Well...why would I tell you down here? There's a video up there. Stop reading this description immediately. BECOME MY PATRON! = ,...

Donald Bandicoot – Caddicarus

Added by 1 month ago

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It's not quite Halloween, but that won't stop me. What can possible go wrong? By the way - even though this isn't a sub special - thank you all SO much for 300,000 subscribers! What an insane number. Can't even keep t...

Murdered: Soul Suspect – Current Quickies

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How good is Murdered? And how late is this video, exactly? Well, one of those questions will be answered - but not the other. BECOME MY PATRON! = , and check out Hidden Block for m...

Alien: Isolation – H.O.P

Added by 1 month ago

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Here's a new show - and I talk about games with a 'Hands On Preview'! It features interviews, me playing a game, and even a dissection of the game play I DID play about the game that I'm gaming. Oh, and the game isn't...

My Top 10 PS1 Soundtracks! – Caddicarus

Added by 2 months ago

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Missed Part 1? The Top 20-11? Well then click right here! = Well, hey, look at that! Two 20 minute videos (nearly)...

My Top 20-11 PS1 Soundtracks! – Caddicarus

Added by 2 months ago

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Let's have a look at some PS1 music - and have no fear - the top 10 will be up this Wednesday! Yes - in 3 days. Insane. Wanna see those Batman games? Have a look! Also, here are some...

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