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Building Blocks – Elgato and Composite Setup

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If you're interested in getting an Elgato for game capture, here's what you need to know. In this video I go over the basic setup and cover some of the problems you might run into.

Stonekeep – SpaceHamster

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Stonkeep! A classic first person RPG dungeon crawler! ►NEW? Why not SUBSCRIBE! - ►Go Here for a FREE trial and audiobook! ►Hidden Block the websi...

Top 10 Cheat Codes in Video Games! – SpaceHamster

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Building Blocks – Mine Z Transition Effect w/ Spacehamster

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Building Blocks is a non-scheduled tutorial series that will include anything from editing, live action, special effects, and software tutorials meant to help up and coming YouTubers learn some of the things that we d...

Top 10 Games for the END OF THE WORLD! – Spacehamster

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Ever wonder what games you'd bring with you for the end of the world? No? ... oh ... well here's a list anyway.

Treasure Mountain Outtakes – SpaceHamster

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Put together some Outtakes for you guys! Enjoy!

Top 10 Secret Santa’s In Video Games! – SpaceHamster

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Sometimes Santa shows up in video games! Here are some of my favorites!  

Jimmy paxchronicles

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jimmy@pax badvideo

LEGO Island 2 – brutalmoose

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Welcome back to the island, motherbrickers.

Outtakes – Top Ten Best Swords

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Well I did promise an Outtakes Reel, and here they are! Silly things happen.

Video Game Review Training Video – Dem Games

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Have you ever wanted to review video games but wasn't sure on where to begin? Look no further. This video will teach you all the ins and outs of a great video game reviewer. Twitter: