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Sly Cooper (Part 2) – Caddy’s Retrospectives!

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Welcome back to the Sly Cooper retrospective! So, is Sly 2 the best game ever made? Well....perhaps? Why do you think I'll tell you in the description? If you missed part 1, click on here!

Sly Cooper (Part 1) – Caddy’s Retrospectives!

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It's been a long, long time - so let's rejoice at a brand new Caddy's Retrospective! Looking back, does Sly Raccoon hold any kind of candle to the days when it helped the PS2 dominate console gaming? All that, and mor...

My Top 10 Games of 2014! – Current Quickies

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Here's a new format that I got an idea about while the Sly Cooper Retrospective was taking a bit longer than expected. What do we all think? Should I consider a 'worst' list in 4 weeks time? Let me know! BECOME MY ...

Bayonetta 2 – Current Quickies

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Why is this video so long? Because at the end of it, I have a long-winded thank you to all of you for an incredible 2014. Thank you, each and every one of you, for the best year I could have ever imagined. Hope to see...

My Top 10 Snow Levels in Video Games! – Caddicarus

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Happy Holidays to everyone out there! Here is the best example of a 'Christmas Special' I can think of this year. Click here to try and win Dragon Age: Inquisition! BECOME MY PATRON! = http://...

Shovel Knight – TINKER TIME!

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This review isn't late. We just got the game. So ssshhhhhh. Click here to try and win Super Smash Bros. on WiiU! BECOME MY PATRON! = , and check out Hidden...

Treasure Mountain Outtakes – SpaceHamster

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Put together some Outtakes for you guys! Enjoy!