Hidden Block Minecraft Stream

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All six of the Hidden Block crew make an appearance on this Minecraft stream! Though Jimmy doesn't actually play the game. Originally recorded on March 24, 2013.

Top 5 Time Consuming Games – brutalmoose Feat. PeanutButterGamer

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Join me as I go through my personal top 5 time consuming games. Also PBG shows up.

EXTRA: Unused Footage from the Spy Fox Episode

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Check out the improv skills of Caddicarus! Here are all the takes he did for his cameo in my Spy Fox episode. You can see out the full episode here!

Sonic Genesis – Mute Review

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It's painful to play

Pokémon: Weird Facts and Trivia – Episode 11

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On this episode of Pokemon WFT, I talk about some Pokemon (ovbiously), unused music, and some fun glitches you can pull of in the newer games.

Outtakes – Top Ten Best Swords

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Well I did promise an Outtakes Reel, and here they are! Silly things happen.

My Top 10 Badasses in Video Games – Caddicarus

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We all suck. Luckily, video games help us feel better. And these beautiful creatures really contribute to that. Oh, and a verrrrrry special friend pops up in here somewhere.... LIKE! = http://www.facebook.com/Caddi...

Hopes for Pokemon X & Y

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Jimmy gives a list of things he hopes to see in Pokemon X and Y

Donald Bandicoot – Caddicarus

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It's not quite Halloween, but that won't stop me. What can possible go wrong? By the way - even though this isn't a sub special - thank you all SO much for 300,000 subscribers! What an insane number. Can't even keep t...

Pokémon | Weird Facts and Trivia – Pulseman & More

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Subscribe!!! ►http://bit.ly/1mqB9jm Let's take a look at GameFreak's lesser known titles and how they connect to the Pokémon games. Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/NintendoFanFTW Tumblr: http://nintendofanftw.tumbl...

Building Blocks – Elgato and Composite Setup

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If you're interested in getting an Elgato for game capture, here's what you need to know. In this video I go over the basic setup and cover some of the problems you might run into.

Murdered: Soul Suspect – Current Quickies

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How good is Murdered? And how late is this video, exactly? Well, one of those questions will be answered - but not the other. BECOME MY PATRON! = http://www.patreon.com/Caddicarus , and check out Hidden Block for m...

Stonekeep – SpaceHamster

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Stonkeep! A classic first person RPG dungeon crawler! ►NEW? Why not SUBSCRIBE! - http://tinyurl.com/k2aca5h ►Go Here for a FREE trial and audiobook! http://www.audible.com/spacehamster ►Hidden Block the websi...

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Review – NintendoFanFTW

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Subscribe!!! ►http://bit.ly/1mqB9jm The most in-depth review of Smash Bros. on the internet. Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/NintendoFanFTW Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NintendoFanftw Tumblr: http://nintendo...

Megaman V Review – BNGR!

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THAT'S IT. SHOW'S OVER. FOLLOW ME ON PATREON: http://www.patreon.com/BalrogTheMaster/ FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH FOR FUTURE STREAMS! - http://www.twitch.tv/BalrogTM FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK! - http://www.facebook.com/Balro...

Bad Milk – brutalmoose

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A dairy adventure like no other. ♥ You should subscribe! » http://tinyurl.com/itsmoosetime ♥ Become a Patron » http://www.patreon.com/brutalmoose Visit our website! » http://hiddenblock.com/ SOCIAL NETWORKS h...

Top 5 Nintendo DS Games – NintendoFanFTW Feat. PeanutButterGamer

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Subscribe!!! ►http://bit.ly/1mqB9jm Here's my list of my favorite Nintendo DS games featuring PBG!! Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/NintendoFanFTW Tumblr: http://nintendofanftw.tumblr.com/ Facebook: https://www.fa...

Alien: Isolation – H.O.P

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Here's a new show - and I talk about games with a 'Hands On Preview'! It features interviews, me playing a game, and even a dissection of the game play I DID play about the game that I'm gaming. Oh, and the game isn't...